Rockland ENT Allergy Testing

Please download RocklandENT-Allergy-Testing.pdf and fill out pages 1 and 2 using your computer keyboard or mobile device. This is best done by opening the downloaded PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader (click on the link to download) or in a web browser. You can then save the PDF with your information and either

  • print it out and Fax to our office at (845) 727-1349;
  • or attach it to an email message and send to
NOTE: You must sign page 2, which you can do on your first visit to our office.

Please remember to bring to your first appointment:

  1. Active Insurance Card
  2. A photo ID
  3. An active referral, if needed
  4. X-rays, lab reports or other information that will make your visit more productive.
  5. Before your appointment, be sure to read page 3 of RocklandENT-Allergy-Testing.pdf for important information about stopping some medications 5 days beforehand and exercise before and after your appointment.

NOTE: Pages 3 and 4 of RocklandENT-Allergy-Testing.pdf provide information about allergy testing. See also Patient Forms.